Welcome To Holly Grove Vineyards

We are a family owned and operated farm Virginia winery located on Holly Grove Cove on the Bay Side of Virginia's Eastern Shore in Franktown. Inspired by the natural beauty and resources here, we are committed to producing quality handcrafted wines using locally grown grapes. Capitalizing on our temperate climate moderated by the Atlantic Ocean breezes on this "land between two waters" we produce fine Virginia wine which express the natural terroir. We are continuing a tradition dating back centuries to the days when Native Americans worked the land to produce a host of fruitful agricultural products.

Our Wine

Holly Grove's Virginia Vineyards currently has available 2 handcrafted wines which have received national recognition for quality and appeal across taste preference profiles:  2009 Merlot  and 2012 Traminette which span the spectrum from dry wines to some delicious semi dry wines.  

Thanksgiving Holiday Wine SELL OUT!

We've finished our wine production and we're selling the remainder of our

2009 Reserve Merlot and 2012 Traminette. 

Friday November  28th 11am-5pm
Saturday November 29th 11am-5pm

1/2 CASE PRICE $60 (6 bottles)

Come get them while they're still available...not much left :(  

While you're here, check out the The Artisans Guild 12th Annual Holiday Tour!